Numeracy at The Laurel

Numeracy skills are absolutely essential to the success of our students both academically and socially. On-top of their normal Maths lessons, all students have access to our online numeracy learning platform SPARX maths. Students are set weekly homework tasks via this platform and can attend support sessions both after the academy day and during lunch times.

Supporting your child with their Numeracy

We know that sometimes, helping your child with their home learning can be a daunting task as content, skills and methodologies regularly change. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Below you will find some explainer videos put together by one of our mathematics specialists, specifically designed to help parents and carers understand how and what their children are learning in their mathematics lessons.

Numeracy Support Videos

Here’s sequence of explainer videos that follow the order of our Year 7 Mathematics Curriculum. We aim to add to our collection of videos as the year progresses, with complete coverage of our Key Stage 3 Curriculum. In the mean time, if you require further support, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Maths department.

Introduction to DELTA Maths

Year 7 Unit 1: Place Values

Year 7 Unit 2: Factors and Multiples

Year 7 Unit 3: Addition and Subtraction

Year 7 Unit 3: Multiplication and Division

Year 7 Unit 4: Understanding Fractions

Year 7 Unit 5: Representing Data