Year 6 Transition Days 2024 are on Monday 8th July & Tuesday 9th July.

We’re already looking ahead and preparing to welcome our next year group of amazing students into The Laurel Academy in September 2024. Our Year 5 and 6 open evening was a fantastic success, we loved meeting everyone! If you still wish to visit the academy, please get in-touch to arrange a tour. It will be a fantastic opportunity for parents/carers and students to visit the academy and see first hand the incredible opportunities we have on offer for students who study here.

If you require any further information regarding the transition process, or anything to do with starting at The Laurel in September, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Academy, and ask for Nic Oxley – Year 7 Year Leader.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the first few weeks difficult?There are lots of differences between Primary and Secondary school when you first move up. However, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about! Our super friendly staff are on hand to help you out, you’ll meet lots of new people and fit in in no time.
I’m worried about getting lost?The Laurel Academy is probably a lot bigger than your primary school, but this just means there’s so much more room for activities. We have some incredible subject specific areas such as our top spec IT suites, our fully kitted out catring classrooms, DT contruction and workrooms, music, drama, art, PE. We’re super spoiled at The Laurel to have so much space! But don’t worry, you’ll be navigating like a pro in no time!
What happens if I get lost?In your first few weeks it’s normal to get lost or not know where to go sometimes. But don’t worry, staff will be on the corridors to guide you and you can always ask your current teacher where to go next before leaving their classroom. Plus there’s a handy map in your planner.
What happens if I am late to lesson?Attendance and being on-time are super important. However we know that in your first week or two, you might struggle to get from lesson to lesson on time. But you should always ensure you arrive at the Academy in plenty of time to make it to your first lesson, and ensure you leave break and lunch times early if you need to figure out where to go.
How long are my lessons?Lessons fit into ‘periods’, these periods are an hour long. Sometimes you can have ‘double periods’ this means that your lesson carries on accross 2 periods of the day, meaning it is 2 hours long.
How long is Break and Lunch?Morning break is 15 minutes long, and lunch is 30 minutes. Break and lunches are split so you won’t be sharing the space or time with every year group.
Is it difficult to keep organised?No. Just make sure you have a copy of your timetable at home so that you can prepare your bag the night before. Don’t forget your daily essentials such as your planner, a reading book and writing equipment. You will also help yourself by having a bag large enough to fit items such as larger A4 exercise books, water bottles and your PE kit.
Will I have lots of homework?Not if you stay organised, and keep on-top of what you need to do. You will be expected to work from your knowledge organiser every night, this will be checked by your year leader each morning. You may also have other activities on-top of this such as work to complete online via Hegarty Maths, Teams, SPARX, or other platforms, or more traditional homework such as completing worksheets or coursework. This will be made clear to you by your teachers, and you should record all homework in your planner.
What if I forget my Homework?Your form tutor and year leaders will monitor the completion of your homework. We’re firm but fair. You will recieve a reminder if you forget to complete your work, but this will be followed up with a detention if the work is still not completed. If you are struggling to complete your homework, you must tell someone about it. Your class teacher or your form tutor would be best.
Why might I get a detention?Most students make it through school without getting a detention, and that should be your aim! However, sometimes things don’t go quite right and consequences have to be issued. Detentions are most commonly picked up for being late to the Academy or lessons without a valid reason, not submitting homework or coursework on time or causing a disruption to the learning of other students. Avoid doing these things, and you’ll avoid getting detentions!
What is the food like, can I bring my own?We have a fantastic range of different hot and cold food on offer each day for morning break and at lunch time, which you pay for using your finger print! But if you wish, you are welcome to bring a packed lunch, so long as it doesn’t contain prohibited items such as fizzy pop, energy drinks or chewing gum.
Can I bring mobile phones, iPods or other electronic devices into school?You are not allowed to use iPods, phones or other devices in school (Unless they are a school issued tablet or laptop). If you do bring your device to school, it must remain switched off and in your bag from the moment you cross the blue line in the morning until you cross it again leaving at the end of the day. If you are caught using your device even at break or lunch time, they will be confiscated and your parent/carer will have to collect it from reception.
Will I need to bring my PE kit on my first day?Yes. Your timetable will start on day 1, and you might have PE that day.
Are there any clubs for year 7’s?There is a huge range of enrichment activities after-school from 2:30 until 3:30 for year 7’s to get involved in. These change throughout the year so there’s always something that sparks your interest.