Fire & Water Safety this Summer

South Yorkshire Fire Service visited the Academy this week to deliver an important message of fire and water safety this summer holidays. Students have been shown the risks of starting fires particularly during dry spells, and have learned about the struggles the emergency services face when their resources are wasted responding to anti-social behaviour.

Water safety was another huge point for our students. Warmer weather leads to the temptation to enter bodies of water such as the local canals. This is such a bad idea! No one knows what could be lurking in the depths of open water, particularly canals which are so unsanitary and incredibly dangerous. There are plenty of local places to visit where swimming can happen safely!

A huge thanks to South Yorkshire Fire Service for visiting the Academy and for all the work you do to keep us safe.

Our students now know to look for the emergency equipment boards located near local water bodies. This equipment is essential to helping save lives.

Again a huge thanks to the Fire Service for their visit