Our Visit from DMBC on the Mexborough Town Centre Master Plan

Many thanks to Doncaster Council coming into school this week to share the planned changes for Mexborough. The Student Council and the Student Ambassadors asked some really good questions and really showed an interest for the future plans for Mexborough.

The Mexborough masterplan identified a longlist of potential projects and initiatives to regenerate the town centre. It is not possible to deliver all the projects identified in the masterplan at this stage.

The projects selected for phase one are based on a range of criteria, including the cost of delivering them, where the money will bring the greatest benefit, the length of time it will take to deliver them and being able to meet the completion deadline required to be able to qualify for the funding.

The work to be undertaken in Mexborough includes:

  • High quality paving, trees and landscaping along key streets, including High Street, Hope Street, Bank Street, and at the junction between Swinton Road and High Street.
  • Street and shop frontage enhancements, upgraded CCTV and street lighting.
  • More green and social spaces, including a new ‘pocket park’ with trees, planting and seating areas as well as landscaping at the site of the former flyover and the bus interchange.
  • Reallocating space on part of the dual carriageway to provide a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists, including upgrading the crossing facilities and adding trees and landscaping supporting a reduction in speeding and providing a safety buffer, widening the footway and adding a segregated bi-directional cycleway.
  • Improving access into the town centre for vehicles including buses, by creating a new junction from Greens Way onto Station Road and Bank Street.
  • Celebrating the town’s heritage and future with new public art.

The specific improvements identified for phase one aim to make it easier and safer for people to get into and travel around the town centre on foot, by bike and public transport as well as by car, and encourage more visitors into the town centre.

More details are available on the Doncaster Council website: