Yr11 Important Mock Exam Information and how to help your child

More information is on the students menu for up to date details regarding the upcoming Mock Exams starting on Monday 27th November and further support.

Parents and Carers should ensure:

  • Pupils have 100% attendance during exam periods.
  • Pupils arrive to school punctually and have the necessary equipment for their examinations (including a scientific calculator for Maths and Science exams).
  • Pupils are engaged in revision for the examinations at home in addition to the extensive extra-curricular offer that is in place to support them at school.

How parents/carers can help:

  • Ensure pupils have a quiet place to study
  • Help pupils to plan their time, use a weekly revision timetable
  • Ensure they are continually going through and making new notes from revision guides and other accredited sources
  • Set targets and offer small rewards
  • Encourage pupils to focus on their weaknesses
  • Ensure they attend the after school enrichment sessions
  • Ensure they are using Hegarty and GCSEPod regularly
  • Get in touch if you have any questions or need any advice

Exam Timetable

Week Commencing: 27/11/23

Week Commencing: 04/12/23

Week Commencing: 11/12/23

Week Commencing: 18/12/23